Is it time to change your old bed?

Try this quick quiz:

  • How to choose the right mattress for you at Furniture Gallery BlenheimAre you sleeping better or worse than you were a year ago?
  • Do you wake up feeling stiff and sore?
  • Are there visible signs of wear and tear on your mattress?
  • Your mattress doesn’t provide enough space for both of you to move comfortably during the night?
  • Is your mattress just plain uncomfortable for either one of you?
  • Is your mattress more than 10 years old?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time to think about replacing your bed.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it’s time to think about replacing your bed.

Buying a mattress can be confusing, but at Furniture Gallery Blenheim and Beds R Us buying a bed is easy, so follow this simple guide to help you make the right choice.

  • Size does matter. Is the bed big enough for you and your partner? Ergonomic research has confirmed that couples sleep better in bigger beds. Part of being comfortable in bed is making sure you have enough room to spread out. You should buy the biggest bed that fits your budget and your bedroom.
  • Seek support. Correct support is vital to healthy sleep. A good mattress and foundation will gently support your body at all points to keep your spine in the same position as good standing posture – whether you’re lying on your back or side.
  • Choose comfort. Comfort is just as important as support in a mattress. After all, you can’t truly relax and have a peaceful, restful sleep if you aren’t completely comfortable.
  • You can have both. Support comes from the innerspring unit and the comfort level comes from the type of padding. You can choose from softer or firmer comfort layers while being sure you have good support at the same time. It all depends on your personal comfort level.
  • Be selfish. When you share your bed with a partner, you don’t want to be affected by their every turn and shift in the night. Find a bed which allows you both independence of movement so that your side of the bed doesn’t bounce and creak every time your sleeping partner moves.
  • Quality counts. The old rule of “you get what you pay for” applies to beds as in everything else. If you scrimp and buy a poor quality bed now, you may be paying later in terms of lost sleep. Shop for the best value, not the lowest price. You spend 26 years of your life in bed so buying the best bed you can afford is a healthy investment in your lifestyle.
  • Ask for help – at Beds R Us we are always happy to give you all the expert help and advice you need on how to choose a bed or mattress.

New Zealand standard mattress and base dimensions are as follows;

  • Single 188cm length x 91m width
  • King Single 203cm length x 107cm width
  • Double 188cm length x 137cm width – some of our mattresses are 190cm in length.
  • Queen 203cm length x 153cm width
  • King 203cm length x 167cm width
  • Super King 203cm length x 183cm width
  • Californian King 203cm length x 203cm width

A new bed or mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll make, and why we take helping you find the perfect one so seriously, visit the Furniture Gallery Blenheim showroom or contact us today.

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