Shade7 Outdoor Umbrellas at Furniture Gallery Blenheim

SHADE7 - New Zealand's Finest Cantilever and Outdoor Umbrellas

Experience world-class, resort quality shade, under the finest outdoor umbrellas available.
Shade7's range of cantilever and outdoor umbrellas are not only visually stunning, but are made to last. 
All Shade7 umbrellas are available in a large range of standard or non-standard colours.

Furniture Gallery Blenheim are exclusive stockists of Shade7 for the Marlborough region! Call in to our showroom, 48 Grove Road and check them out.

Riviera Cantilever Umbrella

Stunning design combined with strength and durability.

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Monaco Outdoor Umbrella

Finest quality outdoor umbrella. Stylish and made to last. 

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Venice Outdoor Umbrella

Lightweight, economical, yet extremely durable. 

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Tempest Outdoor Umbrella

Maximum shade, weather protection for commercial environments.

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Stellar Cantilever Umbrella Marlborough

Stellar Cantilever Umbrella

3m square and 3.3m octagonal. With advanced engineering, the Stellar cantilever umbrella offers the ultimate amount of shade flexibility.

Creating and controlling shade has never been easier than with the Stellar. Designed to give maximum shade flexibility in residential homes, it is both easy and quick to operate.

The Stellar umbrella is the new and upgraded model to replace our previous Shade7 Horizon. The Stellar offers 7 different tilt angles from left to right, as well as full tilt adjustment back towards the mast, all in conjunction with 360 degree rotation. Using these innovative features the umbrella can be cleverly positioned to maintain the shade over your outdoor area as the sun moves throughout the day.

Built with a strong powder coated aluminium mast and durable canopy fabric, you can enjoy the quality of the Stellar for many summers at home.




Shade7 Riviera Cantilever Umbrella now at Furniture Gallery Blenheim

Riviera The Ultimate Cantilever Umbrella

3m & 3.5m square, 4x3m rectangle, 3.5m & 4m octagonal. The Riviera cantilever umbrella has been specifically designed and engineered to withstand the harsh and windy weather conditions found in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Continually developed and upgraded, the Riviera is not only the best looking umbrella but incredibly strong. This makes it ideal for commercial environments where quality and durability are essential. You’ll find Riviera umbrellas in the finest resorts, bars and restaurants all around the world. RIVIERA ADVANTAGES:

  • Superior strength and ability to withstand wind
  • Super-strong 23mm fibreglass canopy arms (HD)
  • Marine-grade 20 micron anodised aluminium frame
  • 5 year residential back-to-base warranty on the frame*
  • European made acrylic canvas fabric with 10 year warranty*
  • Full 360 degree rotation with 16 locking locations
  • Unlimited tilt positions for maximum flexibility
  • Folds tidily back to the mast when close



Shade7 Monaco Outdoor Umbrella at Furniture Gallery Blenheim

Monaco Premium Grade Luxury Umbrella

2.5m & 3m square, 3m, 3.5m & 4m octagonal. The Monaco umbrella is the finest outdoor umbrella we have ever made. The Monaco is our freshly designed premium grade outdoor umbrella. Beautifully designed, yet strong and durable. This umbrella is the centre pole version of our top selling Riviera cantilever umbrella and uses the same stylish, yet strong arms and fittings as the Riviera, except that it has a sturdy 50mm thick anodised aluminium centre pole. MONACO ADVANTAGES:

  • Rust free marine grade anodised aluminium frame
  • 5 year residential back-to-base warranty on the frame*
  • European made acrylic canvas fabric with 10 year warranty*
  • Stainless steel fixings and components
  • Heavy duty 50mm dia. post with 3mm thick aluminium
  • Stunning design using the finest quality materials



Paraflex clever umbrella

Paraflex - The Clever Umbrella for Tight Spaces

2.7m & 3m hexagonal. Sensible and stylish the Paraflex is a wonderful solution for tight spaces. Simply attach it to a wall then use the clever simple click bracket for effortless operation and quick removal. Whether balcony or patio, the Paraflex provides shade in spaces where a conventional umbrella is simply impractical. Suitable for sheltered and low wind locations. PARAFLEX ADVANTAGES:

  • 2 year warranty on frame defects and faulty workmanship
  • Marine-grade materials guarantee longevity
  • Anodized aluminium finish is salt water resistant
  • Rust free and no paint or powder coating to crack or chip
  • No umbrella post provides maximum space for tight locations
  • Elegant and sporty styling, unobtrusive when collapsed
  • Removable in seconds with easy “lift lock” bracket
  • Light-weight (7kgs)



Shade7 Venice Fibreglass Sun Umbrella at Furniture Gallery Blenheim

Venice Stylish, Durable Sun Umbrella

2.2m square, 2.6m & 3.1m octagonal, 2.2m square tilt, 2.6m octagonal tilt. What sets the Venice umbrella apart is the uniquely designed heavy duty 12mm fibreglass canopy arms. These fibreglass arms can bend and flex making the umbrella super durable and able to withstand wind and rough treatment. This sun umbrella also features strong resin and stainless steel parts and an easy to use rope and pulley system for opening and closing. The Venice Tilt umbrella has been specially fitted with a durable automatic tilt system, which allows you to tilt the canopy at a 60 degree angle. The winder does all the work for you, automatically tilting the umbrella into place and giving you flexible shade coverage to adjust for a low or high sun. ADVANTAGES:

  • Lightweight and extremely durable fibreglass arms
  • Strong 2.2mm thick aluminium post
  • Venice - 5 year residential back-to-base frame warranty*
  • Venice Tilt - 3 year residential back-to-base frame warranty*
  • European made acrylic canvas fabric with 10 year warranty*
  • Heavy duty resin and stainless steel parts
  • Post can be split into two halves for easy storage/transport
  • Easy to open and close with rope and pulley system
  • Rust free aluminium and fibreglass frame



Milan commercial grade umbrella

Milan Outdoor Umbrella - Superior Strength & Timeless Elegance

3m, 3.5m & 4m octagonal, 2.5 & 3m square. This newly designed commercial grade outdoor umbrella has been purposefully created to withstand some of the toughest environmental conditions. The Milan is a centre pole version of our upgraded Riviera HD cantilever umbrella, both featuring exceptionally strong fibreglass arms and fittings. The robust 50mm thick anodised aluminium centre pole gives the Milan the strength and stability it needs for exposed locations. Perfect for coastal environments in both residential homes or busy commercial settings, the outdoor umbrella can easily be put up and down using a premium quality rope and pin system that uses highly durable stainless steel pulleys and rust-free components. MILAN ADVANTAGES:

  • Rust free stainless steel pulleys and components
  • 5 year residential back-to-base warranty on the frame*
  • European made acrylic canvas fabric with 10 year warranty*
  • Super strong fibreglass arms and fittings
  • Heavy duty 50mm dia. 20 micron marine grade anodised aluminium mast
  • Designed to withstand the toughest environments
  • Stunning design using the finest quality materials



Shade7 Tempest Commercial Outdoor Umbrella at Furniture Gallery Blenheim

Tempest Giant Heavy Duty Commercial Umbrella

3.5m, 4m, 5m Square and 5m Octagonal. The Tempest offers maximum shade and weather protection for Commercial environments. This heavy-duty giant telescopic umbrella is built super-strong and is engineered to withstand wind gusts of 80-100km/h while open. The canopy arms are made from reinforced aluminium that is connected to an impressive 94mm mast with internal reinforcing channels for extra strength. The Tempest is quite simply the best non-permanent umbrella on the market today. TEMPEST ADVANTAGES:

  • All materials are corrosion resistant
  • Canopy opens and closes above furniture
  • Extremely sturdy and robust – able to withstand 80-100km/h wind gusts
  • Huge canopies provide maximum shade protection
  • Water repellent canopy also offers rain protection
  • Multiple umbrellas can be joined together
  • Non-permanent installation
  • European made acrylic canvas fabric with 5 year commercial warranty
  • 3 year back-to-base warranty on the frame


Shade7 Canopy Fabric

Premium Outdoor Umbrella Fabrics

Shade7 uses the finest solution-dyed acrylic canvas manufactured by S.A. Recasens in Spain. The premium marine-grade outdoor umbrella fabric comes with a 5 year warranty and has the best available colour fastness rating of 7-8 out of 8. It also has the highest possible rating of UPF 80, cutting out the maximum amount of harmful UV light for excellent sun protection.

Wind Tunnel Testing

To show the strength and stability of this wind resistant cantilever umbrella we put it to the test. Shade7 installed the Riviera cantilever umbrella in the largest wind tunnel in NZ based at the University of Auckland. The umbrella withstood the maximum possible wind speed of the tunnel at that size which was 40kph. Some businesses make exaggerated claims about what wind speed their umbrella is “engineered” for. You however can see the quality of the Riviera cantilever umbrella for yourself by viewing their video.