Recent Furniture and Bedding Survey

Beds R Us above-average overall satisfaction for customers

Beds R Us was the only bedding retailer with significantly above-average overall satisfaction. Respondents thought its staff gave good advice and they also liked its prompt and hassle-free delivery process.

At the other end of the scale, Harvey Norman returned below-par results. Members were more likely to encounter pushy salespeople, and were less likely to be satisfied with the delivery process.

Freedom Furniture’s performance was also lacklustre, with the store earning below-average satisfaction overall. Those surveyed reckoned Freedom Furniture was less likely to offer attractive prices and top-notch point-of-sale service.

Retailers Overall satisfaction
Beds R Us (112) 81%
Bedpost (61) 74%
The Warehouse (57) 70%
Bed Bath and Beyond (83) 70%
Briscoes (253) 69%
Smiths City (116) 68%
AVERAGE (2063) 68%
Target Furniture (40) 65%
Big Save (105) 65%
Nood (30) 63%
Farmers (264) 63%
Harvey Norman (239) 56%
Freedom Furniture (43) 44%

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