What you need to know about Shift Adjustable Bases

Sleepyhead Shift Adjustable Beds at Furniture Gallery Blenheim

Sleepyhead has designed a bed that will quite literally move to improve the quality of your rest & sleep, helping you to enjoy a better sleep throughout the night.


Sleep is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. It’s our opportunity to relax and replenish, to wake up feeling revitalised and full of renewed energy for the day ahead. Offering you a range of optimal rest & sleep positions for enhanced support, circulation and breathing, Sleepyhead Shift provides an incredibly comfortable sleep environment like no other. 


  • Breathe Easy. Raising your upper body by 45-60 degrees takes pressure off your chest and promotes easier breathing, helping your body to prepare for rest and sleep.
  • Feet Up. The gentle raising of your legs lowers your heart rate and prepares your body for rest. It can also reduce swelling in your legs and your feet caused by poor circulation.
  • Floating. With your head and feet slightly raised, you are in the best position for a rejuvenating sleep and improved circulation. This ‘zero gravity’ positioning is also helpful in the relief of back pain.
  • Lounger. Position yourself perfectly for reading, watching a movie or enjoying breakfast in bed. You can even have your knees slightly elevated for the ultimate in lounger positioning.


The massaging vibration function encourages better circulation while it helps relax your muscles.


The Sleepyhead Shift base moves backwards slightly as the bed head is tilted up, to ensure your side tables are in the best position for easy access.


The Sleepyhead Shift adjustable base is also available in a split model, where each side operates independently. This option is ideal for partners who have different sleeping preferences and needs.

For the most rejuvenating sleep, the Sleepyhead Shift base has been specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with Sleepyhead mattress ranges which include; Sanctuary, Nourish, Swisstek, Balance and Chiropratic (Selected models).

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